Equine thalassotherapy, balneotherapy

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Physical fitness and moral
racehorses and sports.

Weight Training, improving physical fitness, set breath, relaxation, relax.

The sea is a particularly effective anti-stress cocktail: mineral salts, the trace elements, the sea air and the movements of the sea provide a feeling of well being and relaxation. The steps beachfront allow horses to enjoy.

Bathing alleviate muscle tension and eliminate muscle soreness. A stressed horse becomes relaxed and relaxed after a few sea bathing sessions.

By the sea, air is naturally enriched with oxygen. The bracing air of seaside is relaxing. The cold sea water as that of the Channel, makes the body more resistant to inflammation, strengthens the tissues, improves joint function and promotes healing of tendon problems.

Possibility for the horse to recharge physically and morally.

The length of stay is decided according to the needs of the horse and according to the wish of the coach and the owner.

Products used:

  • Sea water: always cold and very clean
  • Sea clay: the sea clay poultices moisturise tendons, reduces congestion and relieves muscle pain.

Physical fitness of the horses

Sea baths are prescribed for horses who have experienced trauma to the legs (tendonitis, strokes etc.) but also after a race meeting or competition requiring great physical efforts.

The horses are taken in hand at the beach, 900 meters from the stables by a path and markets are on the lunge in the water. The sessions take place in absolute calm at times to not be disturbed. Relaxation is obtained walking pace only. Quiet, safe and patience are de rigueur during the course of sea bathing sessions.

Moral fitness of the horses

Iodized sea water + air = energy bath bringing relaxation necessary for a moral recovery promoting physical recovery. All horses, more nervous and stressed included, relax at walking pace, first closed and then ride a fenced sand track and then on the beach.

Horses are never compelled by force to go into the sea, they are gradually led to walk in water.