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Breaking in horses.

Dressage horses for racing
Horses racing and sports
leisure horses.

The stripping is education of the horse. This education is done every day in the development trust . It begins to walk inside the stable but also outside.

It is necessary to discover the horse maximum possible situations.

Give want the horse to follow his rider in a working relationship based on trust and comfort . Avoid constraints deny the conflict especially with fillies or mares.

Observe and analyze a lot especially in the lunging . The lunge is a basic rule in the education of the horse . It lets the absolute control of gaits and speed and observation of the horse standing attitudes in his movements. The absence of any discomfort due to the weight of the rider and the excessive use of aid, puts the horse at ease and confident.

The lunging requires a lot of tact and rigor. Halter relaxation sessions are also planned as well as pre outputs to promote relaxation and good morale.

The duration of the cleaning varies between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the age and the character of the horse. The horse is ridden at all paces, carousel and on the track. Held in hand, he follows his rider across and outside in a van or truck. Breeding conditions greatly affect the duration of the education of a young horse. If the foal is handled regularly during its breeding period, the cleaning will be less stressful for him and therefore easier to accept.

Citation (of Curnieu)

"The art of training the foals is not a matter of patience apathetic or reckless audacity; This is the most complete summary of all the knowledge we can acquire riding "