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Horse Training.
Rehabilitation and restoration trust the horse.

Dressage horses for racing
Horses racing and sports
leisure horses.

Rehabilitation and restoration of confidence horse horses difficult

In all equestrian disciplines, the rider must apply to ensure respect and confidence in the horse. The progress of the horse statement causes increasing demands which can deteriorate morale so his physical means. Therefore excessive eagerness or inability of some riders often necessitates the resumption of confidence building exercises.

These exercises are carried out alternately riding, outdoors in various terrains and on the beach.

The goal of the training is to have a horse well put by obtaining lightness in aids. Horse likely and difficult character are well rendered pleasant to ride in everyday riding.

Carousel working sessions are based on the good education of the horse and flexibility exercises necessary to achieve perfect handling outdoors.

The work outdoor and varied terrain is very good for the morale of the horse. It also helps develop real trust between horse and rider.

The best result of training is associated with lightness balance, at all speeds and under all circumstances.