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Preparing gallopers in training
in a calm and secure environment.

The objective is to put the horses in front, quiet and rights at all paces before addressing the training phase in the race. The pre-workout horse came out every day, alone or accompanied by a more experienced horse. The session first place in the arena where the horse is worked extensively at walking pace and not on the track before starting a good trotting. After this warm-up work comes hunting gallop session. It is important to get a gallop on the rider's hand, in the quiet and the impetus to develop strong muscles. The session ends at walking pace, over longer reins to promote physical recovery and relaxation.

The pre-training phase is based on the substance and stamina, the speed will be worked in the future coach will prepare the horse for the race.

The good of the stable working conditions allow a relationship of comfort for horses, thereby reducing the stress caused by the change of life of residents arriving from their breeding stud farm.

Breaking in quiet carousel cover.
Working sessions mounted carousel before going on the track.
On the pitch, trotting and gallop on a fenced sand track.

The purpose of pre-training is to get a very good physical condition, alternating walking sessions in step, of trotting, galloping hunting and cantered on the track.

Horses also benefit from relaxation to step on Omaha beach 900 meters away.